RA-H Plus (HGH + IGF-1)


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RA-H Plus (Recombinant Human Growth Hormone with IGF-1)
The secret of staying Young
Growth Hormone plays vital role in growth, development of body, metabolisms, including Protein, Electrolyte, Carbohydrate, and Fat.
After the body reaches maturity, production of growth  hormone decrease significantly and the symptoms associated with aging begin to appear.
Using growth hormone will repair damaged cells, reproduction of new cells, increase immune system, and metabolic functions about 15% higher.

Decline in Growth Hormone

The age increases, the levels of growth hormone diminishes. As result, the following symptoms occur:
・Lethargy and Problems falling asleep
・Failing sexual Performance
・Loss of Muscle tone
・Thinning and Rapid Graying of Hair
・Loss of Energy
・Diminishing ability to Recall and Concentrate
・Aging of Skin
・Frequent Weight Fluctuations
・Lowered Immune System
・Problems related to Menopause
・Appearance of Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Benefits of Anti – Aging
RA-H plus is NEW with IGF-1, plays even greater role towards enjoying a longer and healthier life. Growth Hormone and IGF-1 together achieve better results than using Growth Hormone alone.
Especially with Growth Hormone being active during nighttime and IGF-1 being active during the daytime, these two work a bio – feed back mechanism to ensure 24-hour coverage towards repairing the rejuvenating damaged and aged cells.

Effects to skin
Growth Hormone gives natural glow to men and women. Infant’s skin tissues hold about 90% water, which makes the skin soft and smooth.
But after the developing stages, typical adult’s skin tissues hold about 68% and 40% for the seniors. RA-H plus Growth Hormone, using the proper dosage, will provide additional 60 – 70% hydration back to skin.
This hydration will result in softner, smoother, supply skin. Furthermore, RA-H plus may increase the firmness of skin, clear the fine lines, and most important, your appearance will be 10 – 20 years younger!

Benefits of GH
・Muscle Strength 88%, Muscle Mass 81%
・Increased Energy and Stamina 84%
・Skin Elasticity 71%
・Sexual Potency/Frequency 75%
・Body Fat Loss 72%, Exercise Tolerance 81%
・Wrinkle Disappearance 71%
・Improved Vision 88%, Immune System 73%
・Better Digestion and Sleep
・Optimistic Attitude 78%
・Menstrual Cycle Regulation
・Menopause Symptoms, Osteoporosis 58%
・Growth of Thicker and Shinier Hair
・Better Mental Clarity and Memory 67%
・Flexibility of Joints 80%
・Less Frequent Nighttime Urination 57%

Role of IGF-1
1.Formation and building of bones, muscle, blood vessels, and nerves
2.Repair and regeneration of damaged nerves
3.Delay the aging of pituitary gland
4.Normalize glucose and insulin resistance levels.

What you can Expect from RA-H plus
The following are the changes from the past and current RA-H plus users worldwideexperienced:

First Month: Better Sleep at night resulting refreshed and energized upon awakening.
Builds and raises tolerance level for stress.

Second Month: Improved muscle tone, better digestion, and reduced body fat. Also, other benefits are
better sexual functions, improved vision, firmer and tighter skin.

Third Month: Improved ability to concentrate, maintain focus, faster healing time for wound, soreness,
accelerated hair, nail growth and those related to menopause, alleviated premenstrual

Fourth Month: Benefits stated above will be enhanced and it is time for regeneration of cells.
It is critical to continue using RA-H plus (GH) to reach the optimum level.

Fifth Month: Tighter, firmer skin with greater elasticity, healthy blood pressure, reduced cholesterol
level, and reduced body fat.

Sixth Month: Noticeably lean muscle, growth of new hair, improved immune system, resistance to
common colds and other illness related to aging.

1.Use 5 times a week, 2 – 3 times daily.
2 – 3 spray 30 minutes before or after meals.

2.Spray right before sleep, after awakened in the morning.
Use of 3 times daily: Spray once more between 3 – 6p.m.

3.RA-H plus is oral spray that will absorb straight though oral mucosa to the blood vessels.
Avoiding food or liquids 30 minutes before or after spraying will absorb more effectively.

*Clinical tests have shown that pausing the use for 2 days a week  gave time for the body produce its
own GH, and was proven to be more effective.

*In case if over-usage or detoxification, there may be slights fatigues, headache, nausea or increased
heartbeat. If you experience this, stop the use for 2 – 3 days and drink plenty of water or orange

*Gradually increase the frequency from 1 – 2 times to 2 – 3 times daily, and also adjusting the dosage
when the symptoms are gone.

*RA-H plus is water soluble, metabolism, absorb easy, and dissolve faster, with no side effects.

*Free Shipping within U.S.
*The shipping cost for international customers, please inquire us.

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