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KSI Propolis is Premium Propolis from Brazil
KSI Propolis was first formulated 8 years ago by a group of medical doctors in Brazil, to treat their patients with superior treatment.
KSI Propolis is made from the best grade A+ raw propolis collected from the Brazillian southeast highlands (State of Minas / State of Parana).
Usually , the Propolis sold in the US has a concentration of 50% with wax still taking about 40% of thecontent.KSI Propolis takes the processing a step further.
KSI Propolis has a purity of over 50%.

The Brazil-made raw Propolis is macerated (put in pure food alcohol to soften and liquefy) in containers for 12 months. The Propolis is now goes through processing which removes the wax.
The processing produces a higher concentrated KSI Propolis, bringing better results. Since the wax is taken from the Propolis,
KSI Propolis is liquid soluble and is easy to drink.


What is Propolis?
Propolis is the substance honey bees seal the entrance of bee hives with to protect the inside of the bee hives.
Instinctively, these bees mix the many body-nourishing extracts, from herbs and plants such as Eucalyptus tree, and enzymes together to produce Propolis.
The propolis seals the inside of the bee hive which works as an antibacterial barrier that prevents any bacteria or germs from invading the hive.
Also known as nature’s antibiotic or nature’s Aspirin, Propolis is gradually being tested and proven by scholars all around the world.

The Effect of Propolis
1. Antioxidant
2. Prevent further growth of microorganisms (midew, bacteria etc)
3. Increase the immune system (the strength to fight against illness)

How to use?
You can mix 2~6 drops with your Juice or water.Recommend that you should take 2~3 times per day.
This product is free from harmful side effects.

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